Globcal International

Free General Information for the (Facebook Basic) Platform

Welcome to our Facebook Basic and platform edition of our website we like to think is our most user friendly version because all information presented here is free, simplified and open-source.

Some of the information presented here is meant to provide individual safety, self-confidence, hope and prosperity to those who are willing to travel, emigrate with a specific purpose, help others and serve members and friends with kindness and benevolence. Our fellowship is made up of honorable ladies and gentleman serving as goodwill ambassadors and are recognized by our members as a world order of white knight's errant.

International non-governmental civil and human rights legal consulting for travel, immigration, dual or multiple citizenship, diplomatic privilege, Laissez-Passer, NGO visas, friendly nations visas, special visitors, offshore jurisdiction, international cooperation, international maritime jurisdiction, Admiralty law, private international law and non-state global citizenship.

Our full format website is still online although there are many pages that need actualization to HTML5 and CSS since the Web 3.0 revolution began. Moreover there may be compatibility issues so we present this basics version as an interment data source.

The following sections are to be provided in the basics platform from an all-in-one directory that is tested to be compatible with all devices and simple enough to work with Facebook Basics and

  • Diplomatic Terms Glossary
  • Facebook Digital Diplomacy
  • Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaigns
  • Kiva Team Microfinance Projects
  • UN Sustainable Development Goals